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The Qualities of Great Barber Chairs – Part 1

The Qualities of Great Barber Chairs – Part 1
Barber chairs are an important investment for your shop or salon and require careful thought and consideration when making this purchase. What qualities should you look for in a barber chair?


Barber chairs must be able to stand up to heavy daily use and keep functioning. The barber chairs should be constructed of solid, high quality materials such as durable metals, plastics or natural materials such as wood oak, which are able to survive the wear and tear of an active barber shop. A solid warranty is also a must for barber chairs. For example, Collins B Series of barber chairs feature a 10-year, 10,000 haircut warranty. Look at products such as the Collins B30 Bristol Barber Chair which feature this industry-best warranty. Collins barber chairs


As a barber, you need to be prepared to handle all sorts of body types so you should look at barber chairs that can support 250 lb.–preferably 350 lb.–clients and be adjustable so you can provide service to these clients easily and comfortably. A well designed hydraulic lift mechanism with a good warranty should be part of any good barber chair. Wide seats and adjustable headrests and footrests are also good things to consider when selecting barber chairs. Do you need barber chairs that recline? Then look for specific models such as the Collins Commander Barber Chair to meet those needs.


Excellent barber chairs need a variety of colors and textures for the upholstery of the chair and finishes in order to fit the design of your barber shop and other salon furniture. Whether the barber chair in upholstered in fine leather or high-quality vinyl, there should be several colors and styles to choose from. For example, Pibbs King Reclining Barber Chair comes in 35 standard colors, 48 Salon Ambience colors and 10 premium Grade 2 leatherettes. Be sure to stop back again next month for part two in this blog series The Qualities of Great Barber Chairs.

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