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A Closer Look at Continuum Pedicure Spas – Part 1

A Closer Look at Continuum Pedicure Spas – Part 1
Continuum Pedicure Spas have a unique pedigree in the industry. The owners John Meyerovich and Joe Galati invented the first pedicure spa in the early 80’s, sold their initial business in the 90’s only to return to it again in 2006 with numerous innovations to pedicure chairs for 21st Century spa customers. The recent purchase of Continuum by Earthlite in 2017, guarantees that the Continuum pedicure spa line will thrive in the market for many years to come.

The Bravo Continuum Pedicure Spa Line

The LE in the Bravo LE stands for Luxury Edition pedicure spa. The Bravo Luxury Edition is similar to the Bravo VE–or Value Edition pedicure spa–with many of the same basic features and functionality as well as a similar profile. Both chairs feature a 4-Way Electronic Seat, seat arms that swing up and down and manicure trays. Both chairs also feature a full Shiatsu massage, but the Bravo LE has enhanced massage controls that allow your client to perform an enhanced, deep tissue Shiatsu massage which features rolling, knocking, kneading and tapping that your clients will love. The Bravo LE also features a streamlined, longer back design than the VE, a premium molded arm with wood top, and premium, commercial grade upholstery where the VE’s upholstery is of a standard variety. The Bravo LE also features an easy-access Tech Control Button that allows the nail technician to easily reposition the guests for service. Continuum pedicure spa Bravo LE

Standard Features of the Continuum Pedicure Spa–Bravo Product Line

Other standard features of the Bravo LE include:
  • The whisper quiet pipeless magnetic jet which eliminates internal pipes that recirculate water keeping it safe, sanitary and easy to clean.
  • A tempered glass basin resistant to cracks, stains and scratches with a built in multi-colored LED light creating a soothing and relaxing atmosphere for your guest.

Options for the Continuum Pedicure Spa–Bravo Product Line

Some of the additional options for both the Bravo VE and the Bravo LE include:
  • An auto fill system to fills the basin to the correct level and starts the jet
  • A discharge pump, or a high capacity discharge pump with side panels included
  • A “wet end” jet cover assembly

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