We carry, custom make, and order the equipment you need to furnish your hair salon or beauty school with thousands of salon and spa equipment items available.
This web site is only a small sample of some of the thousands of available salon furniture, spa equipment, along with an amazing accessories selection. Whether you are a new or existing school, salon, barber, nail, or spa - we would love to earn your business and we reserve the right to never be undersold at AM Salon and Spa Equipment!

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1840 QSE Task Chair  $349.00

1840 QSE Task Chair $349.00
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1870 QSE Bicycle Seat Cutting Stool  $179.00

1870 QSE Bicycle Seat Cutting Stool $179.00
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646 Manicure Chair  $114.00

646 Manicure Chair $114.00
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722  Bicycle Stool  $154.00

722 Bicycle Stool $154.00
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Berra Manicure Stool  $239.00

Berra Manicure Stool $239.00
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Berra Task Chair  $389.00

Berra Task Chair $389.00
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Cutting Stool  $145.00

Cutting Stool $145.00
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Deluxe Technician Chair  $320.00

Deluxe Technician Chair $320.00
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Jack Bicycle Stool  $154.00

Jack Bicycle Stool $154.00
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Jaimee Technician Stool  $125.00

Jaimee Technician Stool $125.00
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Kiva Manicure Stool  $229.00

Kiva Manicure Stool $229.00
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Kiva Task Chair  $349.00

Kiva Task Chair $349.00
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Make Up Chair  $268.00

Make Up Chair $268.00
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Massey Task Chair  $369.00

Massey Task Chair $369.00
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Monte Task Chair  $409.00

Monte Task Chair $409.00
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