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At AM Salon Equipment we’ve been providing high-quality salon and spa equipment packages for more than 30 years now. We supply Garfield treatment tables, Silhouet-Tone towel warmers and caddies, and sanitizers and sterilizers by Pibbs, just to name a few.

Get the details by calling 1-800-481-6511 and speak to one of our spa equipment specialists.

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2 IN 1 Adjustable arm with Magnifying Lamp  $365.00

2 IN 1 Adjustable Arm With Magnifying Lamp $365.00
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45 Hot Stone Package  $89.00

45 Hot Stone Package $89.00
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8 in 1 unit  $1,174.00

8 In 1 Unit $1,174.00
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Adjustable Arm Facial Steamer  $295.00

Adjustable Arm Facial Steamer $295.00
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AutoClave Hotsteam Sterilizer  $1,195.00

AutoClave Hotsteam Sterilizer $1,195.00
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Brush Facial System  $310.00

Brush Facial System $310.00
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Carmel Treatment Table  $995.00

Carmel Treatment Table $995.00
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Clarity Facial Bed  $2,159.00

Clarity Facial Bed $2,159.00
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Concierge Service Cart  $3,445.00

Concierge Service Cart $3,445.00
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Deluxe Spa Storage Cabinet  $2,715.00

Deluxe Spa Storage Cabinet $2,715.00
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Double Towel Warmer  $198.00

Double Towel Warmer $198.00
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Facial Bed $337.00

Facial Bed $337.00
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Facial Steamer  $199.00

Facial Steamer $199.00
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Galvanic Facial Equipment  $310.00

Galvanic Facial Equipment $310.00
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Harmony Electric Multi Purpose Bed  $3,356.00

Harmony Electric Multi Purpose Bed $3,356.00
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