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We carry, custom make, and order the equipment you need to furnish your hair salon or beauty school with thousands of salon and spa equipment items available.

This web site is only a small sample of some of the thousands of available salon furniture, spa equipment, along with an amazing accessories selection. Whether you are a new or existing school, salon, barber, nail, or spa - we would love to earn your business and we reserve the right to never be undersold at AM Salon and Spa Equipment!

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Kurve Back-to-Back Mirror Island  $5,316.00

Kurve Back-to-Back Mirror Island $5,316.00
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Kurve Formula Styling Station  $4,236.00

Kurve Formula Styling Station $4,236.00
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Kurve Wall-Mounted Mirror  $2,406.00

Kurve Wall-Mounted Mirror $2,406.00
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Kurve Wall-Mounted Mirror Station  $2,676.00

Kurve Wall-Mounted Mirror Station $2,676.00
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Leena Styling Station  $3,006.00

Leena Styling Station $3,006.00
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Liberty Vanity  $1,303.00

Liberty Vanity $1,303.00
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LOX Formula Styling Station  $3,444.00

LOX Formula Styling Station $3,444.00
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Mariana Vanity  $1,874.00

Mariana Vanity $1,874.00
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Midtown Styling Station  $3,228.00

Midtown Styling Station $3,228.00
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Modular Single Station  $1,552.00

Modular Single Station $1,552.00
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Monet Vanity  $1,151.00

Monet Vanity $1,151.00
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NEO Hancock  $1,902.00

NEO Hancock $1,902.00
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NEO London Tower  $1,542.00

NEO London Tower $1,542.00
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NEO Sean Patrick Styling Vanity  $915.00

NEO Sean Patrick Styling Vanity $915.00
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NEO Sears Tower  $1,749.00

NEO Sears Tower $1,749.00
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