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AM Salon Equipment offers a fantastic selection of the best salon equipment including manicure tables from popular vendors such as Belvedere, Collins and Kayline.

Give us a call at 1-800-481-6511 or use our simple online Contact Information form and speak to a manicure table sales professional today.

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Amati 57" Nail Station  $1,555.00

Amati 57" Nail Station $1,555.00
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Blend Manicure Table  $1,083.00

Blend Manicure Table $1,083.00
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Bradford Dentil Nail Table  $1,989.00

Bradford Dentil Nail Table $1,989.00
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Bradford II Manicure Table  $1,743.00

Bradford II Manicure Table $1,743.00
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Breath Mani-Table  $460.00

Breath Mani-Table $460.00
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Cambridge Nail Table  $1,675.00

Cambridge Nail Table $1,675.00
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Cameo Nail Table  $777.60

Cameo Nail Table $777.60
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Capri Nail Table  $1,147.00

Capri Nail Table $1,147.00
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Chable  $515.00

Chable $515.00
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Clary Manicure Table  $1,959.00

Clary Manicure Table $1,959.00
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Cosmos Manicure Table  $1,162.00

Cosmos Manicure Table $1,162.00
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Curve Nail Table  $1,316.00

Curve Nail Table $1,316.00
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Elora Manicure Dolly/Portable Manicure Table  $309.00

Elora Manicure Dolly/Portable Manicure Table $309.00
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Elora Manicure Table  $689.00

Elora Manicure Table $689.00
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Enova 48 Nail Table  $1,594.00

Enova 48 Nail Table $1,594.00
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