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Manicure stools are an essential component of our salon equipment packages. Select cosmetology equipment from vendors such as Collins and Pibbs, and if you need to finance salon equipment, we can handle that as well.

AM Salon equipment provides cosmetology equipment for new salons, beauty schools and more. Our prices for cosmetology equipment are low, but if you find one lower, give us a call at 1-800-481-6511 and we’ll beat it.

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1840 QSE Task Chair  $375.00

1840 QSE Task Chair $375.00
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646 Manicure Chair  $109.00

646 Manicure Chair $109.00
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Amber Technician Stool  $110.00

Amber Technician Stool $110.00
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Berra Manicure Stool  $255.00

Berra Manicure Stool $255.00
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Berra Task Chair  $414.00

Berra Task Chair $414.00
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Butterfly Pedicure Stool  $139.00

Butterfly Pedicure Stool $139.00
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Chable  $459.00

Chable $459.00
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Kiva Manicure Stool  $255.00

Kiva Manicure Stool $255.00
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Kiva Task Chair  $393.00

Kiva Task Chair $393.00
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Massey Task Chair  $408.00

Massey Task Chair $408.00
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Monte Task Chair  $456.00

Monte Task Chair $456.00
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QSE Manicure Stool  $249.00

QSE Manicure Stool $249.00
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Quarta Manicure Stool  $504.00

Quarta Manicure Stool $504.00
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Valenti Task Chair  $456.00

Valenti Task Chair $456.00
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Vanelle Stool  $288.00

Vanelle Stool $288.00
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