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Sometimes the perfect hair salon design depends on the little things such as nail polish retail display cases, manicure lamps or towel warmers. Get those finishing touches for your hair salon design from AM Salon Equipment.

We’ve been providing the best salon equipment from the most popular brands in the business such a Collins and Pibbs. Contact us at 1-800-481-6511, or fill out our simple online Contact Information form, for more information about the one of the Midwest’s most popular salon equipment companies.

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AutoClave Hotsteam Sterilizer  $1,195.00

AutoClave Hotsteam Sterilizer $1,195.00
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Back-to-Back Styling Island for Two Stylists

Back-to-Back Styling Island For Two Stylists
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Color Cubbie  $789.00

Color Cubbie $789.00
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Concierge Service Cart  $3,445.00

Concierge Service Cart $3,445.00
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Double Towel Warmer  $198.00

Double Towel Warmer $198.00
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Manicure Lamp  $24.00

Manicure Lamp $24.00
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Manicure Table Vent $389.00

Manicure Table Vent $389.00
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Medi-Spa Service Cart  $560.00

Medi-Spa Service Cart $560.00
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Nail Polish Display  $165.00

Nail Polish Display $165.00
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Polish Display - Wallmount  $57.00

Polish Display - Wallmount $57.00
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Rotating Polish Display  $85.00

Rotating Polish Display $85.00
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Timbale Cart  $655.00

Timbale Cart $655.00
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