We carry, custom make, and order the equipment you need to furnish your hair salon or beauty school with thousands of salon and spa equipment items available.
This web site is only a small sample of some of the thousands of available salon furniture, spa equipment, along with an amazing accessories selection. Whether you are a new or existing school, salon, barber, nail, or spa - we would love to earn your business and we reserve the right to never be undersold at AM Salon and Spa Equipment!

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Admiral Barber Chair $1,894.00

Admiral Barber Chair $1,894.00
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Barber Station W/Bowl  $1,859.00

Barber Station W/Bowl $1,859.00
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Bradford Dentil Barber Station  $6,599.00

Bradford Dentil Barber Station $6,599.00
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Bradford Style Shoe Shine Stand  $2,939.00

Bradford Style Shoe Shine Stand $2,939.00
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Brady Barber Chair  $718.00

Brady Barber Chair $718.00
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Capo Barber Chair  $895.00

Capo Barber Chair $895.00
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Charger Barber Chair  $1009.00

Charger Barber Chair $1009.00
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Classic Barber Styling Station  $2,319.00

Classic Barber Styling Station $2,319.00
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COMMANDER Barber Chair  $2,499.00

COMMANDER Barber Chair $2,499.00
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Continental Barber Chair  $1,489.00

Continental Barber Chair $1,489.00
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Continental Shoe-Shine stand  $2,699.00

Continental Shoe-Shine Stand $2,699.00
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Daniel All Purpose Styling Chair  $318.00

Daniel All Purpose Styling Chair $318.00
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Deco Barber Chair  $899.00

Deco Barber Chair $899.00
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Herald Barber Chair  $795.00

Herald Barber Chair $795.00
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QSE Deluxe Barber Station  $1,759.00

QSE Deluxe Barber Station $1,759.00
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