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At AM Salon Equipment, our barber items are second to none. We carry barber chairs from reputable vendors such as Belvedere, Collins, Pibbs.

Our salon equipment manufacturers are the best known in the industry including Belvedere, Collins, Pibbs, and Veeco. So, whether you are searching for a single styling chair, or barber chairs for your hair salon design, check out AM Salon equipment

The prices of our salon equipment are competitive and we offer salon equipment financing. Call us at 1-800-481-6511 for details.

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109 Extra Barber Chair  $929.00

109 Extra Barber Chair $929.00
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Admiral Barber Chair $3,039.00

Admiral Barber Chair $3,039.00
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Andrew Antique Barber Chair  $1,195.00

Andrew Antique Barber Chair $1,195.00
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B10 Commander Barber Chair  $2,895.00

B10 Commander Barber Chair $2,895.00
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B20 Cavalier Barber Chair  $3,045.00

B20 Cavalier Barber Chair $3,045.00
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B30 Bristol Barber Chair  $2,820.00

B30 Bristol Barber Chair $2,820.00
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B40 Cobalt Barber Chair  $2,820.00

B40 Cobalt Barber Chair $2,820.00
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B50 Caliber Barber Chair  $3,045.00

B50 Caliber Barber Chair $3,045.00
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B60 Commander Supreme Barber Chair  $2,895.00

B60 Commander Supreme Barber Chair $2,895.00
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B70 Cobalt Omega Barber Chair  $2,820.00

B70 Cobalt Omega Barber Chair $2,820.00
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B80 Ambassador Barber Chair  $3,120.00

B80 Ambassador Barber Chair $3,120.00
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Barber Pole  $375.00

Barber Pole $375.00
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Barber Poles  $900.00

Barber Poles $900.00
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Barber Station W/Bowl  $2,164.50

Barber Station W/Bowl $2,164.50
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Bradford Barber Station  $3,771.00

Bradford Barber Station $3,771.00
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