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We carry thousands of products including barber chairs, pedicure carts, retail display cases, salon rolling carts, shampoo bowls, and much more. It doesn’t matter if your needs are big or small, AM Salon Equipment can deliver the best salon equipment at a great price.

Check out our salon equipment packages including Veeco salon furniture and Pibbs salon equipment for your hair salon design.

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3 Headed Heat Lamp  $329.00

3 Headed Heat Lamp $329.00
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5237W Pisa Backwash Unit  $999.00

5237W Pisa Backwash Unit $999.00
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5274W Backwash Unit  $699.00

5274W Backwash Unit $699.00
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646 Manicure Chair  $109.00

646 Manicure Chair $109.00
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AutoClave Hotsteam Sterilizer  $1,195.00

AutoClave Hotsteam Sterilizer $1,195.00
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Bari Styling Chair  $449.00

Bari Styling Chair $449.00
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Butterfly Pedicure Stool  $139.00

Butterfly Pedicure Stool $139.00
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Capo Barber Chair  $1,012.00

Capo Barber Chair $1,012.00
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Cloud Nine Dryer Chair  $369.00

Cloud Nine Dryer Chair $369.00
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Cloud Nine Styling Chair  $399.00

Cloud Nine Styling Chair $399.00
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Cosmo Styling Chair  $519.00

Cosmo Styling Chair $519.00
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Dryer Chair  $149.00

Dryer Chair $149.00
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Fondi Styling Chair  $779.00

Fondi Styling Chair $779.00
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Footsie Pipeless Pedicure Spa  $1,499.00

Footsie Pipeless Pedicure Spa $1,499.00
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Heater Massage Footbath with Tub  $299.00

Heater Massage Footbath With Tub $299.00
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