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We carry thousands of products including barber chairs, pedicure carts, retail display cases, salon rolling carts, shampoo bowls, and much more. It doesn’t matter if your needs are big or small, AM Salon Equipment can deliver the best salon equipment at a great price.

Check out our salon equipment packages including Veeco salon furniture and Pibbs salon equipment for your hair salon design.

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1721-RC Hose Receiver Plate  $27.00

1721-RC Hose Receiver Plate $27.00
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1729 Vacuum Breaker Complete Kit  $120.00

1729 Vacuum Breaker Complete Kit $120.00
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1729-CN Vacuum Breaker Connecting Hose  $18.00

1729-CN Vacuum Breaker Connecting Hose $18.00
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1733  Drain Assembly  $44.00

1733 Drain Assembly $44.00
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1735 Sprayhose  $25.00

1735 Sprayhose $25.00
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1739 Hair  Strainer Cup  $11.00

1739 Hair Strainer Cup $11.00
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2400  Bowl Bracket  $35.00

2400 Bowl Bracket $35.00
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550  Single Handle Fixture  $135.00

550 Single Handle Fixture $135.00
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550C Cartridge  $40.00

550C Cartridge $40.00
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700 Double Handle Fixture  $79.00

700 Double Handle Fixture $79.00
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Bowl - 2000 Cultured Marble Bowl  $420.00

Bowl - 2000 Cultured Marble Bowl $420.00
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Catch-all Hair Trap  $75.00

Catch-all Hair Trap $75.00
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Vacuum Breaker  $80.00

Vacuum Breaker $80.00
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