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Dorset No-Plumbing Chair  $2,903.00

Dorset No-Plumbing Chair $2,903.00

Elora Pedicure Supply Cart  $329.00

Elora Pedicure Supply Cart $329.00

Performer Nail Tech Stool $309.00

QSE Manicure Stool w/ die-cast aluminum base and casters. Seat height adjusts from 18" to 23" from floor.
Comfort, Durability, and Style. This Performer Nail Tech Stool is made for beauty technicians. This stool is designed specifically for long beauty sessions; It has great lower back support, is medium height, and is adjustable to help the technician choose their preferred position of comfort. Adjustable height 17" from floor-22". Seat Width 16"
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