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Archipedigo  $5,490.00

Archipedigo $5,490.00

Breath Pedi-Lounge  $1,760.00

Breath Pedi-Lounge $1,760.00

Motorized Breath Pedi-Lounge $2,280.00

The MBW Portable is a confluence of style and function, sure to please professional massage therapists. It combines renowned comfort and solid engineering with the CenterLock Leg System. This innovative leg design provides superb stability through the power of triangulation. Available in Almond or Black. Face cradle included. Travel Bag sold separately. High-End Upgrade includes Face Cradle & Pillow, Flex Armrests, Salon Head/Neckrest and Facial Neck
The Motorized Breath Pedi-Lounge is a multipurpose relaxation lounge that offers zero-gravity comfort. Locks in position for a soothing soak and complete pedicure, and transforms into a rocking lounge while polish dries. Beyond pedicure, this innovative design is at home in any relaxation area. Ergonomically shaped to ease the body into a blissful reclining position. Call for shipping.
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