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HairMaster Dryer on Pedestal  $2,934.00

HairMaster Dryer on Pedestal $2,934.00

HairMaster Dryer Wall Mounted $4,003.00

All-in-one infrared device and hood dryer. -Open construction - maximum facial area free. -Intuitive use - short navigation steps. -Coloring and perm diagnosis program. -Multiple language selection. -Customer button for temperature regulation. -Ideal heat profile.
The Belvedere Olymp 131803 Hairmaster Dryer & Processor with Wallmount lets your customers know that you mean business. This world class infrared and hood dryer can be mounted on the wall allowing for increased floor space. The Belvedere Hairmaster with Wall-mount features innovative technology with the patent air ducting allowing for an adjustable blower system and optimum heat distribution which guarantees fast and perfect results through a uniform and consistent heat treatment on all parts of the hair. The Belvedere Hairmaster with Wall Mount offers dual functionality of an infrared device and hood dryer all-in-one; this one machine allows the stylist to do color, highlights, conditioning, perm, water wave or air drying. You will never have to question yourself again as to what temperature or time to set a client under the Hairmaster as a built in smart chip-card stores all the data for optimum time and temperature specifications for all types of hair. Some assembly required.
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